Typhoid Vaccination Service

Typhoid and paratyphoid are infections acquired by ingesting food or water contaminated by the bacteria Salmonella Typhi or Salmonella Paratyphi.

Typhoid Vaccination Service

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About typhoid fever

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection that can spread throughout the body, affecting many organs. Without prompt treatment, it can cause severe complications and can be fatal. It is caused by a bacterium called Salmonella typhi, which is related to the bacteria that cause salmonella food poisoning. 

Typhoid fever is highly contagious. An infected person can pass the bacteria out of their body in their poo or, less commonly, in their pee. Suppose someone else eats food or drinks water contaminated with a small amount of infected poo or pee. In that case, they can become infected with the bacteria and develop typhoid fever.

How can you get typhoid?

The Salmonella typhi bacteria will be in the poo or pee of an infected person after they have been to the toilet. If they don't wash their hands properly afterwards, they can contaminate any food they touch. 

Infected human waste can contaminate the water supply in parts of the world with poor sanitation. People who drink contaminated water or eat food washed in contaminated water can develop typhoid fever.

Other ways typhoid fever can be contracted include:

  • using a toilet contaminated with bacteria and touching your mouth before washing your hands

  • eating seafood from a water source contaminated by infected poo or pee

  • eating raw vegetables that have been fertilised with human waste

  • contaminated milk products

  • having oral or anal sex with a person who's a carrier of Salmonella typhi bacteria

Available service options

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  • Typhoid Vaccine - Injection

    £45 per patient

    Typhoid fever is a highly contagious and potentially lethal disease which spreads via contaminated foods and water. This service option is suitable for adults and children over two years.

  • Typhoid Vaccine - Capsules

    £55 per patient

    If you prefer not to have an injection, you can opt for the capsules, which are three capsules to take on alternate days. This provides the same level of protection as the injection. This service option is suitable for adults and children over five years.

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Number of doses required and when to boost

Number of doses

When to boost

Injection: Single dose

Capsules: Three doses on days 0, 2 & 4

Protection against typhoid lasts three years, and a further booster is required every three years if there is an ongoing risk

Not sure what service option you need?

If you are unsure which vaccines you need for your holiday, why not take advantage of our travel health advice service? This service includes a personalised telephone consultation to determine your travel health requirements, including vaccination, altitude sickness, jet lag, period delay, travellers' diarrhoea and antimalarials.

High risk areas for typhoid

The areas with the highest rates of typhoid fever are:

  • The Indian subcontinent

  • Africa

  • South and Southeast Asia

  • South America

It's essential to get vaccinated against typhoid fever if you're travelling to a high-risk area because some strains of typhoid bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics.

Vaccination is crucial if you plan to live or work closely with local people.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our customer care team or chat with us.

    • What are the symptoms of typhoid fever?

      The main symptoms of typhoid fever are:

      • a persistent high temperature that gradually increases each day

      • headache

      • general aches and pains

      • extreme tiredness (fatigue)

      • cough

      • constipation

      As the infection progresses, you may lose your appetite, feel sick, and have a tummy ache and diarrhoea. Some people may develop a rash.

    • What are the side effects of the typhoid fever vaccine?

      After having the typhoid fever vaccine, some people have temporary soreness, redness, swelling or hardness at the injection site.

      About 1 in every 100 people have a high temperature.

      Less common side effects include:

      • abdominal pain

      • headache

      • feeling sick

      • diarrhoea

      Severe reactions are rare for both typhoid vaccines.

    • How many types of typhoid vaccines are there?

      In the UK, the two primary vaccines available to prevent typhoid fever are:

      • Vi vaccine – given as a single injection

      • Ty21a vaccine – given as three capsules to take on alternate days

    • How do I avoid getting typhoid while I am abroad?

      Whether you have been vaccinated against typhoid or not, taking basic precautions when travelling in countries where typhoid fever is present is vital.

      For example:

      • only drink bottled water from a bottle that was properly sealed, or water that's been recently boiled

      • avoid ice cream, and don't have ice in your drinks

      • avoid uncooked fruit and vegetables unless you have washed them in safe water or peeled them yourself

      • avoid shellfish, seafood and salads

    • Are next-day appointments available?

      Yes, you can get next-day appointments at all our branches. Contact our customer care team if you cannot find an available slot.

    • Where is this service available?

      This service is available in our branches, which are commutable from anywhere in Yorkshire, including Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, York, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Barnsley, Hull, Doncaster, Ripon, Harrogate, Dewsbury, Keighley and Scarborough.

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