About Midway Pharmacy

Why Midway?

As a pharmacy, we are "mid-way" between the doctors and the patient. This is a pivotal role and was where we got our name from.

Our Roots

Our journey started with our first pharmacy, which we started from scratch in 2011 (our Middleton branch). This journey has seen us grow to have multiple branches in West Yorkshire. Our pharmacies dispense more than just medicines; our patients are at the heart of everything we do. We provide several services to benefit our patients and their family.

Our Mission

To deliver an excellent level of care and service within an honest, friendly, and professional environment, while fostering a fulfilling and rewarding career path for our employees.

Our Values

We believe that core values are the guiding principles that dictate human behaviour and action. As a business, our values are:

Employee Empowerment
Create an environment that encourages employees to reach their fullest potential.

Honesty, Transparency & Fairness
Uphold values of honesty, transparency, and fairness in all business dealings.

Kindness, Trust, & Integrity
Demonstrate kindness, trust, and integrity consistently in our interactions.

Respect for Diversity
Cultivate an inclusive environment by always respecting diversity.

Organisational Excellence
Encourage a culture of organisation above self to ensure excellent patient care.

Positive Thinking & Growth Mindset
Promote positive thinking and continuous growth among employees.

Encourage individuals to take ownership of their responsibilities and contributions.