Vitamin B12 Injection Service

Vitamin B12 deficiency is a growing problem in the UK and affects thousands of people throughout the country. Vitamin B12 injections are a highly effective method of treating a deficiency. If you can provide proof of deficiency, you can use this service.

Vitamin B12 Injection Service

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About vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that promotes the health of your nerves and blood cells, making it an essential part of any healthy diet. It is not produced by our bodies and must be obtained through meals such as meat, fish, milk, and eggs. If you are vegan, don't eat enough B12-rich foods, or have other health issues that prevent you from absorbing it effectively, such as pernicious anaemia, you may have a deficiency.

A vitamin B12 deficiency can cause a wide range of severe symptoms, such as fatigue, depression, nerve damage, muscle weakness, joint pain and difficulties with balance. In extreme cases, it could even lead to permanent nerve damage or megaloblastic anaemia – a condition in which large red blood cells develop and cause severe fatigue.

Vitamin B12 deficiency

While it's most commonly associated with older adults, younger people can experience vitamin B12 deficiency as well. This is due to various factors, including poor diets, malabsorption of vitamins, and certain medical conditions and medications which can contribute to lower levels of vitamin B12 in the body. Everyone needs to monitor their vitamin levels, especially if they think they could be at risk due to age or lifestyle habits like vegetarianism/veganism.

The best way to treat vitamin B12 deficiency is through diet and supplementation. A balanced diet rich in animal proteins (meat, fish) or dairy products should provide enough Vitamin B12 for most people. Vegan sources such as fortified foods or supplements are available if needed. In severe cases where absorption seems difficult or impossible due to certain medical conditions or medications, vitamin B12 injections can replace lost vitamins directly into the bloodstream for quick absorption.

How this service works

  • Select your service option and book an appointment

  • Follow the link in your booking confirmation email to fill out the patient questionnaire and upload your proof of vitamin B12 deficiency (at least 12 hours before your appointment)

  • One of our prescribers will review the completed questionnaire and contact you to discuss this

  • Visit the branch at the selected date and time to receive the treatment

Available service option

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  • Vitamin B12 Injection

    £29.99 per patient

    If you have already been diagnosed with Vitamin B12 deficiency, you can book an appointment for our Vitamin B12 Injection Service. Before we proceed with treatment, you must provide documentation of your diagnosis.

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Proof of vitamin B12 deficiency

Suppose you are experiencing symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency (such as tiredness, headaches, shortness of breath and heart palpitations), and you do not already receive the vitamin B12 injection. You will need to be tested to determine if you have a deficiency before we can begin treatment. This is done to ensure you are healthy enough to get the injection.

You can get a test from your doctor or take advantage of our private blood test service. Here, you can select the vitamin B12 deficiency test service option. Our prescribers will review your results and, if necessary, issue a prescription and book you in for your vitamin B12 injection.

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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our customer care team or chat with us.

    • What are the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency?

      Vitamin B12 and folate deficiency can cause a wide range of problems, including:

      • extreme tiredness

      • a lack of energy

      • pins and needles (paraesthesia)

      • a sore and red tongue

      • mouth ulcers

      • muscle weakness

      • disturbed vision

      • psychological problems, which may include depression and confusion

      • problems with memory, understanding and judgement

      Some of these problems can also happen if you have a deficiency in vitamin B12 or folate but do not have anaemia.

    • What are the causes of vitamin B12 deficiency?

      Several problems can lead to a vitamin B12 or folate deficiency. These include:

      • pernicious anaemia – where your immune system attacks healthy cells in your stomach, preventing your body from absorbing vitamin B12 from the food you eat; this is the most common cause of vitamin B12 deficiency in the UK

      • a lack of these vitamins in your diet – this is uncommon but can happen if you have a vegan diet and do not take vitamin B12 supplements or eat foods fortified with vitamin B12, follow a fad diet or have a generally poor diet for a long time

      • medicine – certain medicines, including anticonvulsants and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), can affect how much of these vitamins your body absorbs

      Vitamin B12 and folate deficiency are more common in older people, affecting around 1 in 10 people aged 75 or over and 1 in 20 people aged 65 to 74.

    • I have already started Vitamin B12 therapy – can I get my injection here?

      Yes! If you have proof of your vitamin B12 deficiency or confirmation of your diagnosis, you can get your vitamin B12 injection from Midway Pharmacy.

    • What are the complications of vitamin B12 deficiency?

      Although it's uncommon, vitamin B12 or folate deficiency (with or without anaemia) can lead to complications, mainly if you have been deficient in vitamin B12 or folate for some time.

      Potential complications can include:

      • problems with the nervous system

      • temporary infertility

      • heart conditions

      • pregnancy complications and congenital disabilities

      Adults with severe anaemia are also at risk of developing heart failure.

      Some complications improve with appropriate treatment, but others, such as problems with the nervous system, can be permanent.

    • What is the vitamin B12 injection?

      The Vitamin B12 injection is an effective way to treat a deficiency. Only one type of vitamin B12 injection is available in the UK, known as hydroxocobalamin. Vitamin B12 tablets, also known as cyanocobalamin, can be bought over the counter from pharmacies or health stores but are not as effective as the injection.

    • How can I get the Vitamin B12 test?

      If you have Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms, you can have a test from your GP or privately. Midway Pharmacy offers a blood test service where you can book the vitamin B12 deficiency test.

    • How often will I need the vitamin B12 injection?

      The injection can be given every six months if due to a dietary deficiency or 2-3 months if the cause of your low B12 levels is pernicious anaemia. There is no need to be re-tested.

    • Are next-day appointments available?

      Yes, you can get next-day appointments at all our branches. Contact our customer care team if you cannot find an available slot.

    • Where is this service available?

      This service is available in our branches, which are commutable from anywhere in Yorkshire, including Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, York, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Barnsley, Hull, Doncaster, Ripon, Harrogate, Dewsbury, Keighley and Scarborough.

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